Career Planes is a training company dedicated to provide communication and soft skill disciplines to young graduates in order to prep them for the corporate world.

We offer comprehensive soft skill development which include various aspects of personality, evolution, internal communication, interview techniques as well as social and corporate etiquette. Our panel of consultants and trainers guide our students and polish their skills to help them succeed in their professional endeavours. Our experience in working with various industries has given us an insight into their demands and requirements. So, let your career 'take off' with Career Planes!



The set of desirable skills that determine the way in which people interact with their social, professional, and intellectual environment are known as Soft Skills. These include communication skills, leadership skills, critical thinking, dependability, interpersonal skills, professionalism, work ethics, social intelligence, teamwork, language skills, time management, and other relevant character traits. These skills are different from acquired and technical skills also known as hard skills that are learnt in school/college.

Our education system lays great emphasis on hard skills which requires the investment of significant time and effort. In such a scenario, soft skills often get neglected. However, according to some studies, the employability and long term corporate success of a candidate largely depends on soft skills. Therefore, honing soft skills, is of paramount importance.


A study conducted by Harvard University and Carnegie Foundation concluded that 65% of an individual’s professional success depends on effective Soft Skills, while only 15% of the success depends on technical or hard skills.

In today’s competitive and ambitious world, where time means money, soft skills provide the edge that cuts through competition. They enhance the employability of candidates and provide them with tools to convert their potential into results.

Investing in soft skills training is not only an opportunity, but also a necessity.

Our great minds

We empanel acclaimed consultants across various industries who show their years of hard-earned experiences and knowledge. They ensure the training processes are in accordance with the latest industry standards. Every aspect of the training is intricately assessed and structured to ensure a highly effective curriculum.